Custom Home Building

The Kehoe Group takes great pride in making the the custom home building process as enjoyable as possible. We strive to be the very best at every stage of the process to help our clients succeed in building a home that they can be proud of.

Phase 1: Pre-Construction

  • What neighborhoods are you interested in living and what size lots interest you?

  • Do you already own a potential piece of suitable land?

  • Describe the style and materials used in the home you hope to build.

  • Is it feasible to build what you want in the neighborhoods where you want to live?

  • What is your budget?

  • Discuss project funding.

  • Review lot zoning requirement.

  • Discuss Project Timeline.

Lot Search

  • Locating the right lot is often the hardest part of the entire process. At The Kehoe Group, we take great pride in finding our clients the best available building lots on the market. The many years of diversified real estate experience gives us a unique advantage in this arena. We are constantly networking with real estate industry professionals as well as directly marketing to property owners so that our clients have private access to off-market building opportunities.

  • Exploring the option to build on land you might already own in the area.

  • Considering the size, location, indoor to outdoor living spaces, and other design priorities, our goal is to quickly pick up on your style and the personalization you’re seeking.

  • Feasibility Study Management. If hired to identify and secure your rights to purchase a building opportunity, we will help you determine if the piece of land will fit your desired home.


  • We will provide guidance in the hiring of an Architect that specializes in the style of home you wish to build. We will also engage the Civil Engineer to provide site layouts and topographic inputs.

  • The Kehoe Group will provide a preliminary budget once sketch design plans have been finalized.

  • Upon completion of the permit plans, The Kehoe Group will provide you with a contract for the construction of your new home.

Phase 2: Construction


  • The Kehoe Group will manage the entire permit process to include maintaining open lines of communication between ourselves, the owner, architect and engineers as well and handling all utility and public infrastructure applications, document management and project accounting.


  • Selections may start as soon as the permit plans are submitted to the appropriate governmental agency for review. Your finishes, which include flooring, fixtures, paint colors, cabinets, lighting, appliances, and the many other details that make a house a home, start to come together now!

  • The selections are spaced throughout the permitting and construction phases. We understand this is a highly personal process and our goal is to help guide you through all of the decisions and details, while keeping you on task and on budget.

Project Management

The Kehoe Group will break ground on construction once all permits have been obtained. On average, construction of a new home takes 6 to 9 months depending on the size of your home, specific selections and design, and the weather. Our hands-on project management style will deliver the finish details and dream home you desire, while also keeping your budget and schedule in mind.

Phase 3: Post-Construction

Every home built by The Kehoe Group comes with a warranty to safeguard your investment. We stand behind our work both during and after construction has been completed.

  • Warranty

    1. For one year, your new home is warranted to be free from any defect in materials or workmanship. We like to call this your 'bumper to bumper' one year warranty and includes punch-out work as the home conditions.

    2. For two years, your new home is warranted to be free from any defect in the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating, and mechanical systems.

    3. For five years, your new home is warranted to be free from any major structural defect.